How to Make Friends in a New Place

Change is one thing that many of us are uncomfortable with and for introverts like me, it’s worse when we move to a new country. It was challenging for me leaving everything familiar behind and moving to where everything was completely different from what I was used to. All my family and friends who would often make my life easier were miles away and I knew no one in this new place!!!   I did make some friends later and I have some simple tips to share …

Schoolmates or workmates

You can begin making friends with the people closest to you at work or school. This is easier as you meet those people almost daily and you won’t feel lonely with them around. I managed to make many friends through this and without them, my transition wouldn’t have been the same.

Social media
I started searching for people from my home country who lived in the same town as me. I found several who were willing to show me around the place just by typing things like “Kenyans living in Gothenburg” and others.  Be warned though – not all will be happy to help, others may want to take advantage, so be wise when choosing friends.

Leisure activities

I can say I made most of my friends through this way. I love swimming and I would often go to Valhallabadet simhall in Göteborg which is a very large indoor swimming pool so I expected to find a lot of people here. So depending on what you like to do during your free time, use it to get connected to other people in your new place.

Appreciating the culture you find

In my opinion, understanding other cultures makes it easier for you to relate to others. You can do simple things like trying to learn their language or attending events that are important to the people of that place.

attending the Swedish National day with friends








Showcasing your culture 

I love sharing my culture and I found a group of multinational artists who had a dance and modelling group and would often give people a taste of different cultures. Our events attracted so many different people and this gave me a chance to make new friends from different countries and learn lots of new things.


You could join some volunteering groups and it’s easier to talk to get friends here because you find other people with a common goal. In this way, you get to help others, have fun and make friends at the same time.

Meetup app

This app helps you know locations of fun events in your city. It brings together people with common interests and its a really good place to meet new people so be sure to check it out.




  1. Such helpful tips, I moved to Hawaii almost two years ago and it has been extremely hard for me to make friends- mostly because I am shy and have had the same friends since elementary school. I think next week I will get the courage to go to coffee with an only group of girls that get together weekly. Wish me luck! thanks for the post!

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    1. Hello @littlebitoffreetime I know how hard it can be but I think you are on the right track. Go for coffee with the girls and you will like it, take it step by step and its gonna be fine. All the best dear ❤


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